I have been in education for 15 years and have worked in 2 different school districts. Mrs. Naef is THE BEST teacher that I have ever seen. My daughter has attended school in WFISD as well as Iowa Park. Mrs. Naef is by far the best teacher she has ever had. The kids all know she loves them. She is innovative in how she teaches the lessons. Though I have more experience than her, I think that any teacher would benefit from watching her methods. She reaches the kids and they want to do well for her. My daughter doesn’t want to miss a single day because she knows they will have fun while learning. This is quite a change from previous schools where she cried every morning before going to school. Mrs. Naef’s room is a room that belongs on “Pinterest”. It is purposefully arranged for learning, but is bright and cheerful. She has flexible seating areas where the kids love to learn. Her room and all of her super fun and engaging lessons are paid for with her own money. Now that I’ve talked about what is fun about her. Let me explain why her teaching is EFFECTIVE. My daughter has dyslexia and ADD. Reading and learning in general is a struggle for her. Mrs. Naef teaches math. She has really built my daughter’s confidence, which has also carried over into other areas. For the first time, her grades are above average. She is more confident and just seems happier. She has a way of teaching that the kids understand. But if they don’t understand something, they know they can ask Mrs. Naef. I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this young teacher. I credit her for changing my daughter’s whole attidute about education.

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