My English teacher Mrs. Matthews deserves this award because she tries really hard to help us get a higher level in our education. She also is there if you need her help, in school and out of school. She’s constantly telling us how much she loves us and how we’re good students. This is really good because some kids have difficult lives at home. Her attitude towards things is great because she is always positive. She’s sometimes a little strict, but it’s only because she’s trying to help us get better and not worse. She even let’s you come to her class after school to finish work if you need help on it. She’s really fun because she’s always making jokes and laughing with us. She tell us hi every morning or whenever you see her in the hallways. She helps us expand our vocabulary by giving us vocab every week and writing simple, complex, and compound sentences using our vocab words. We read really good books and sometimes watch really good movies in her class. She puts positive quotes all around her classroom and she sometimes has riddles for us to solve on her board. Shes’s just a really positive, fun person and you will love to be around her and get to know her.

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