My teacher Mr.Franklin deserves this reward because he teaches great music. Not only does he teach good music but he changed my life by getting me into playing music. I learned how to play a trumpet.
Mr.Franklin could teach you how to play a instrument by just explaining all the notes and what values or what keys to use. He makes it seem very easy to play. Mr.Franklin taught me in a week or so,to play my trumpet.
I picked Mr.Franklin because when he teaches he’s always funny about it. When I look at him he always has this generous smile, he always just seems happy to teach children how to play music. Everytime I walk into the band room he always has something polite to say. Mr.Franklin has the funniest jokes to say to us and it always makes me laugh.
Mr.Franklin has a great personality but sometimes he can get mad, probably because he had a bad day, or someone makes him really upset. Usally I never see the bad side of him, I always see a happy guy ready to teach music. Ive never heard Mr.Franklin say something thats not positive. He always has positive thoughts.
You can always ask to stay after school if you need help with anything. he’ll always say “If you need me I’ll be here after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays.” Mr.Franklin is always there if you need help with anything and when I mean anything I mean anything!!!!

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