I would like to nominate my daughter, Rebecca Moore. I have noticed her love for children since she was a senior in high school. Teaching is not a job to her it’s her true calling. Often times she spends her own money for her students to succeed. She makes sure none of her students go without. They are not just her students for one school year, they are her students for life! She is known around her school to her principal, coworkers and students as Mary Poppins. She stays late, arrives early and even works on the weekends. She does it all for the kids. Her students from previous years always wants to come back to her room even if it’s just to visit. Even students from previous schools will see her in Wal-Mart and come give her the biggest hugs and tell her about their school year. I feel like I’m walking around Stephens county with a celebrity sometimes. If you know my daughter at all you know she likes to go above and beyond for the students to learn and have fun. One of her favorite things is dress up days. She made her own butterfly hat for her butterfly lesson week, she bought a T-rex suit for dinosaur week, and she is always going over the top during homecoming and other special dress up days. Can you imagine the smiles on the students faces and not just the students in her class but the whole school?! I can, and it brings a smile to my face. One thing she always tell me is, “mom, I just want those kids to remember me when they grow up.” My daughter is in charge of the Pre-K Christmas program at her school. She spends countless hours decorating for the big event and every year she goes out and spends money on getting more Christmas decorations for the next year. She also helps put together the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events for her Pre-K students. She would claim each and every one of her students as her own and she always refers to her students as “her kids”. I know I am pretty biased since she is my daughter, but I see firsthand how many hours she spends trying to reach every student and how much money she puts into her classroom. She pours love and confidence into those pre-k students and I feel like when they leave her class in May they know they will always have a huge supporter in all their endeavors. They know and can count on her to be at their birthday parties, sporting events and anything extra they do that she can go cheer for them. But, the most important thing they get from Ms. Moore is they know they are loved and important to her for not only the year they get to spend with her but years and years after.

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