Ms. Should win because not only is she a great teacher but my son see’s her as his friend! Learning with her is fun! My son actually comes home and tells me all about the fun things he learned.
Jackson is a firecracker! When he started school I was completely worried that he would be sent home, parent teacher conference ASAP. But Jackson was Ms Moore’s first student of the month! Blew me away how well he minds in her class. She’s patient. Kind. And LOVES HER KIDS! As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more! Jackson can write his whole first name. He can count to 30! He knows his shapes! Colors! He knows sooo much that I didn’t think he’d be able to learn. But he learned it all and more in her class! She goes above and beyond to make sure every child in her class has everything provided for them. No child gets left behind in her class.
Great teacher! Great friend to the kids!
She deserves to win.
She puts in the work.

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