Lindsey Castro is a very special First Grade Teacher at Freedom Elementary School here in Lawton she was chosen as Freedom Elementary teacher of the Year and is being considered for LPS Teacher of the year. We have had the absolute privileged to have known Ms. Castro for two years. She dedicates her time to her students both in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. You will often see her at sporting events, or just regular events that her students participate in outside the classroom. She can be seen in the stands cheering on her current and past students. She also donates her time outside of school as a gymnastics coach at a local gym in Lawton, and is currently in school getting her masters in Reading.
When you walk into Mrs. Castro’s class it is not a typical classroom that you would think. Sure there are chairs and desk, however she uses all kinds of different furniture to make the classroom and her students feel more to at home. She uses anything from exercise balls, bean bag chairs, and all other chairs to set on, and tall desk’s to short desk’s to desk’s with no legs for the children to write on. Both of our kids have loved this lay out and each day get to sit in a different chair or desk. She paints her tables into vibrant colors matching her personality. She never even asks the parents to help her supply her room. She does it all herself.
We cannot express in words how grateful we were to have found a teacher like Mrs. Castro to teach our daughter. Our daughter had a really hard time in school. We retained her in first grade and she was able to get Mrs. Castro as her first grade teacher. Mrs. Castro was able to take a struggling first grader that was not hitting any academic goals, into a straight A student meeting all academic goals. Our daughter also hated school from Pre K to 1st grade. It was a major struggle for her and she didn’t want to go to school for fear of being bullied from her peers because she wasn’t understanding material. When Mrs. Castro took her into to her classroom, we immediately noticed a change in our daughter’s behavior and academic progress. Our daughter all of sudden was talking about how much she loved school and could not wait to go back and see her new teacher. We were so afraid when our daughter went into second grade for fear that Mrs. Castro was not going to be there. I am sure I even tried to influence Mrs. Castro into moving to second grade in fear that our daughter would relapse back into her old ways. Now that our daughter is in Second grade, Mrs. Castro has still remained a vital part in our daughters life. Mr.s Castro shows up to cheer our daughter on at her sporting events, and just recently has influenced our daughter to try and do gymnastics.
Our son was able to get Mrs. Castro this year as his teacher in first grade. Our son, who is not as academically challenged as our daughter, was recommended last year to T1 program. We knew as parents of him, he just needed a push in the right direction and was not willing to try T1. When we learned that our son would have Mrs. Castro this year, we were so excited. She was able to take a kid that was like the “class clown” from last year and mold him into a mature first grader. Mrs. Castro also shows up to watch our son play his sports. Her dedication to make sure she shows up to watch is remarkable.
You can ask any kid or parent that Mrs. Castro touched about their experiences with her and they all will have great praise of her. She is one teacher that Freedom Elementary would hate to lose. When you talk with her, you can really tell the gratitude she has for Freedom Elementary and LPS. Please feel free to email us, or call us 931-237-5878 if you have any additional questions.

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