Hello, I am nominating Coach Neeb because I have heard from several parents, myself included how their girls come home talking so highly about her. This is Coach Neeb’s first year at Holliday but she has already made an impact on my daughter Bella and several other middle school girls. Bella only has her in athletics but has told me she also teaches remedial reading. She also helps Bella with her math. We will help her as much as we can but math is different now and Bella always goes back to Coach Neeb for extra help and to help check over homework. Sometimes she explains a little better to where Bella can understand. I have spoke with other parents and they have also said their daughter’s have come home talking highly of Coach Neeb. Bella was given an assignment to write about some one that has inspired them and she chose Coach Neeb. Now I know this is only her first year at Holliday and it may be her first year all together but I know she has impacted my kid in a big way. We as a family have seen Coach Neeb out eating outside of school and she has the best personality. She is my nominee for your teacher/coach appreciation award!!

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