To start, I need to give a slight back story. I am a substitute teacher in a district that frequently doesn’t have enough subs to cover all positions. I went to sub at Edison Elementary School in Lawton, OK as a long term substitute for a maternity leave position. The pregnancy ended up being high risk so I had to start the second week of school and work full time for the next 15 weeks! The teacher that I was subbing for was the senior first grade teacher. Ashlynn and Heidi are the other two first grade teachers at EDISON. As soon as Ashlynn and Heidi realized I was long term sub, left with little direction, they jumped right in and helped me figure out what to do. I rocked that next 15 weeks ONLY because of Ashlynn and Heidi!!! Substitutes in our city are hard to get and good subs are even harder but I can tell you, Ashlynn, Heidi, and Edison Elementary have become my home! Ashlynn and Heidi helpede with our science/social studies requirements each week and no ever made me feel like a burden! Honestly, I realize this recognition is supposed to be for one person but without these two, these students would not have succeeded for half of the year!!!!

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