My daughter has came such a long way bc of Ms.Moore. My daughter Emery was crying everyday at nap time. Me.Moore would lay down on the floor with her and comfort her until she fell asleep. She has taught her so many things bc she makes it SOOO fun! Everything she does she does for every student in her class. She’s such an amazing person in general! She goes above and beyond for all of her students! And she lets them know how proud she is of them. She makes them feel like it’s their home away from home. My kid has seriously came so far and has learned so much SO QUICK due to ms.moore. She genuinely loves her students. And I appreciate her more than I can describe in words. She’s An amazing human and even a more amazing teacher! She doesn’t give up one them. She continues to let them know how smart,amazing, great, and how proud she is of every single student. But my Emery was such a challenge and bc of ms.Moore she LOVES school.

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