Mrs.Belcher exceeds all other teachers and herself from year to year. She has taught my three oldest and now has my youngest child who is in 9th grade. He has deficits in several areas and qualifies as a child with special needs, but attends regular classes. Mrs. Belcher has taught him at grade level which has built his self esteem because he gets it and she gets him. She always reaches out to each student and finds the positive regardless of what type of problems they have. They might be the highest student of the lowest. They might be GT, sports minded or better in reading. It doesn’t matter to Mrs. Belcher. She will reach that child some way. If it doesn’t work one way, she will try another. She will always be there for extra tutoring for all kids. She gives her time! I have never seen her act negative in any way towards a student. We need many more Mrs Belchers in our school system. She follows the golden rule and is such a great teacher finding the FUN in math with cool activities. She recently had the kids make a Valentine’s Day card using math vocabulary and phrases with problems. Equations or graphs on the card. It isn’t always just pencil and working problems. And I know she doesn’t have the discipline problems as some teachers because the kids respect her and work because she shows the same respect for them. It is always a two way streak when it comes to teaching. She will always send those positive notes too which makes a parent proud. Not many teachers take yhAt extr time and go that extra mile to let parents know that it has been a great day. Mrs Belcher is one in a million and I would love for her to win this award. I know she has been teaching at least 22 years and still looks awesome. She has been a valuable asset to Windthorst ISD. When new teachers are hired, she is the one that they gravitate towards and becomes the mentor. She is an overall great person.

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