My teacher nominee, Señora Ramirez-Sanchez, is among the most charismatic, relatable, and shamefully under appreciated teachers that I have ever had the great pleasure of having. While a majority of teachers that I have had throughout my many years of schooling have ranged on a scale from unmotivated and absolutely jaded to somewhat less apathetic, Señora Sanchez stands out as an exceptional outlier. Señora Sanchez has a passion for her work and takes great pride in what she does. For the past year, she has been working studiously to revive the Spanish III program at Lawton High(that had been previously terminated by the administration) and the Spanish AP program for students that are truly dedicated to learning Spanish. I can attest, that as a member of this revived AP program, that numerous roadblocks have stood in the way of the re-establishment of such a program. Factors such as her cutthroat, three job work schedule, lack of support from the school administration, and lack of support by some students who are only in the class to cheat their way to an AP credit have played into hindering the program. But nonetheless, she has managed to successfully create an acceptably advanced course for those who are bored by the proposition of learning Spanish simply for the sake of a high school credit. Her ambition and ability are highly admirable. Thus, I believe that it would be totally justified to reward her for being a diamond in the rough at Lawton High School.

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